Lynn v. Sekulow
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A fractured Supreme Court yesterday decided to remand–or send back to the lower court–the contentious case involving a congressional “land swap” that allowed the Veterans of Foreign Wars to keep a cross up in the Mojave National Preserve. Justice Anthony …Read More

Barry,    Now, this is a significant victory worth celebrating. In a very closely-watched case, the Supreme Court ruled that a World War I memorial in California’s Mojave Desert that features a memorial cross can remain in place.      The …Read More

Barry, It’s really the beginning of the end for Judge Crabb’s faulty decision.  The Department of Justice has filed its notice of appeal in the case clearing the way for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit to …Read More

Jay, I find your arguments regarding the National Day of Prayer decision highly unpersuasive, and quite frankly, wrong. First, our country does not have “a long history of recognizing the national day of prayer dating back to the late 1700’s,” …Read More

Barry, This decision hardly represents a ‘victory’ for religious liberty, as you suggest.  It’s more like a small setback in the ongoing battle to keep groups like Freedom From Religion Foundation from purging all religious references and observances from American …Read More

Jay, I just heard some great news: a U.S. District Judge has ruled today that the congressional mandated National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. I’m sure you have already read the decision, but Judge Barbara Crabb rightfully concluded that the …Read More

Barry,  It didn’t take long for the speculation to begin regarding President Obama’s nominee to replace the retiring Justice Stevens. In fact, the ‘name game’ is in high gear with a variety of ‘short lists’ circulating like this one from …Read More

Jay, You are right — Justice John Paul Stevens did make it clear where he stands on church-state separation and I would like to see his successor do the same. While you may not appreciate Justice Stevens for his contributions …Read More

  Barry, the announcement was expected and as Justice John Paul Stevens notified the White House that he is stepping down after this term at the age of 90 – and more than 30 years at the high court – …Read More

Barry, you’re right.  This is a very important case.  In your assertions, though, you minimize the threat that blind enforcement of “non-discrimination” policies can pose to expressive associations such as the Christian Legal Society (CLS) who seek to ensure that …Read More