It is not clear at this point how, if at all, the President’s health care plan will be enacted. Polls on this topic are universally poor.  So, let’s try to simplify this.

Jay, do you agree or disagree with these principles:

Every American who wants health care should be able to obtain some degree of it — and we should no more allow people to die of a curable cancer than we should allow them to starve to death on a city street.

On the other hand, no health care system can ever be created that can guarantee every person the right to every treatment, every drug, every intervention she or he desires–coupled with round-the-clock care. Some choices have to be made. There will always have to be a “rationing” of services.

If everybody would start  from these two points, we might be able to have a serious discussion about health care across the nation.  Jay, can you start from here?

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