Lynn v. Sekulow
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Barry, I do believe the constitutional challenges against the health care law will succeed.  Specifically, in my view, it will be the Commerce Clause violation that ultimately will result in this law being declared unconstitutional.  It also seems very likely …Read More

Jay, Let’s be real here. Do you really think these lawsuits have a single winning argument? And, frankly, since when do state attorneys general have standing in matters like this? Frankly, I think opponents of health care reform are getting …Read More

Barry, It wasn’t want the American people wanted – but it’s what they got.  President Obama – with a last minute deal to secure the necessary votes – agreed to issue an Executive Order on the abortion funding issue in …Read More

Barry, Let’s not forget that in Texas, the boot was on the other foot, so to speak, for many years – where conservatives were the minority on the Texas Board of Education.    One conservative board member said the majority’s conservative …Read More

Jay, At least we can agree on one thing: let’s not rewrite history. But that appears to be all that the right-wing members on the Texas State Board of Education want to do. We’ve already been through this once with …Read More

Barry, I know we’ve got health care and the issue of textbook curriculum on the discussion pages, but I wanted to briefly report on a couple of decisions by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit – decisions …Read More

Barry, I agree the polls on President’s health care reform plan are universally poor and I understand why most Americans believe the plan is not good for the economy and that we need to start over – an option that …Read More

It is not clear at this point how, if at all, the President’s health care plan will be enacted. Polls on this topic are universally poor.  So, let’s try to simplify this. Jay, do you agree or disagree with these …Read More