It’s really not important about what I want in the final version of health care.  What’s important is what the American people want – and a clear majority doesn’t want federal health care funds to be used for abortions.


And, we’ve heard from nearly 200,000 Americans who don’t want abortion to become a mandatory health care benefit.


The so-called compromise in the Senate version of the bill passed on Christmas Eve truly failed the American people.  The measure represents nothing more than a government-run, pro-abortion effort.  Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) caved.  After much talk about excluding abortion, Sen. Nelson supported a measure that allows states to force taxpayers to fund elective abortions.  


And to secure Sen. Nelson’s crucial vote, Senate Majority Leader Reid cleared the way for federal taxpayers will pay hundreds of millions of dollars to cover Medicaid expansion costs for Sen. Nelson’s home state of Nebraska in perpetuity – a deal not given to any other state.

What’s been called the ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ has got the attention of 13 state attorneys general who’ve sent a letter to Congress threatening legal action unless this provision is removed.


And, now with major differences – including the issue of abortion funding – remaining between the House and Senate versions of health care reform, there are now reports that Congress will hammer out the final version – not in an open, transparent manner as President Obama has promised – but in secret.


Congress may very well resort to a legislative maneuver to fast-track health care without utilizing a public conference committee to iron out the differences.  Even C-Span is appealing to Congress to open-up this final process. 


And with respect to the question of abortion funding, the battle lines are forming now with both pro-life and pro-abortion forces in the House. 


The fact is that the pro-life Stupak/Pitts Amendment that was approved in the House version of health care reform should be included in the final version.  American taxpayers should not be forced to fund elective abortions.


Right now, Barry, it seems like the New Year is starting off just like the way the 2009 ended – the Democrat-controlled Congress doing what it wants – not what the American people desire and deserve.


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