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Little did I know when I started writing about Halloween that new “research” by the Christian Broadcasting Network uncovered that witches were contaminating Halloween candy and allowing demons to be ingested by “Trick or Treaters.”  But here it is.

Now moving on to Planned Parenthood.  I think it is morally outrageous that one of the most well-respected sources of information on sexuality and pregnancy prevention is given so little government funding, and that their clinics providing abortion services are not funded by the federal government at all.  Why Congressman Mike Pence wants to cut funding even more is beyond me. Does he want young people to remain ignorant of human sexuality, or would he prefer they learn about it by finding their father’s stash of old Playboy magazines? We are either going to be honest with young people or we have nobody to blame but ourselves when things go wrong.

Obviously, I am not privy to the details of your lawsuit regarding one or more Planned Parenthood affiliates’ alleged “over billing.”  It seems that the state of California has already conceded that the rules were unclear and doubt that Planned Parenthood will ever owe anything.  In addition, the state was apparently investigating this even before your “whistleblower” suit.  We’ll see where all this goes.

I would like to add that Planned Parenthood provides age-appropriate, scientifically accurate sex education materials that I think can easily be used in our schools, churches and other community groups. Frankly, this “protest” over a grant to Planned Parenthood to teach sex ed to teenagers in Ohio is a waste of time.

As one woman wrote to a local Ohio newspaper, “It seems to me that it would be a much more productive use of their time and energy, if those who are participating in the 40 days of protest would instead spend that time and energy working with others to find ways to improve comprehensive sex education in our schools, reduce the numbers of unwanted pregnancies and reduce the need for abortions.”

The statistics on teen pregnancies and those under the age of 25 infected with sexually transmitted diseases are astounding. Planned Parenthood does great work in educating our youth on these issues and deserves this funding to continue doing its job.

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