On Thursday, I blogged defending the position that the current version of the health care reform bill moving through the House does not cover abortion. I’ve tried to respond to some of the posted responses already.

I’d also like to point out an interesting perspective on the issue brought up by Steve Waldman, our editor-in-chief at Beliefnet. In an article for the Wall Street Journal, he writes:

“If the Capps amendment is off, it’s by a matter of inches
or feet, not miles. So when pro-life forces claim that, as a result of
the ‘affordability credits,’ taxpayers are paying for abortion, they’re
being hyperbolic at best, deceptive at worst.”

I definitely think it’s worth a read, and you can find his article here.

In the meantime, I also had a conversation with Congresswoman Lois Capps on my radio show, CultureShocks. After talking with her, I am even more confident that she has been honest and upfront about her intent regarding this piece of legislation.  She has made it abundantly clear that her amendment’s purpose is to ensure that no federal funds will be used for abortion, with a few exceptions already provided in the Hyde Amendment.

“The amendment was clearly designed to get that on the record,” Capps said. “We did not want this very important debate on health care reform to become a debate on abortion policy.

 “This is the time,” she continued, “to deal with the high cost of health insurance and the need for including everyone.”  

Indeed it is.

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