Lynn v. Sekulow
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Jay, a few thoughts: The Ten Commandments, as you and Judge DeWeese seem to believe, don’t represent an “absolute,” any more than the allegedly “relativist” proposals which seem to upset you. It’s impossible to claim the Ten Commandments aren’t open to interpretation. …Read More

Barry, I want to offer my congratulations to you and your family.  I’m sure your son’s wedding was, indeed, a great celebration.   I want to take a moment to discuss a topic you and I have debated from time …Read More

Sadly, I had to miss this year’s edition of the Religious Right’s “family values” festival — the Values Voters Summit here in Washington.  I was engaging in my own celebration of family values by participating in my son’s wedding out …Read More

The bill  introduced to reform health care by Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) has splintered the Democrats and so far has no support among Republicans.  As reported earlier, Senators Grassley and Enzi, in fact, have expressed concerns about the abortion provisions.  …Read More

Barry, even as another health care plan is being introduced into Congress, there’s a continuing – and a very real – concern about the issue of abortion. Senators Michael Enzi of Wyoming and Charles Grassley of Iowa have expressed their …Read More

On Thursday, I blogged defending the position that the current version of the health care reform bill moving through the House does not cover abortion. I’ve tried to respond to some of the posted responses already. I’d also like to …Read More

I don’t know which polls you are looking at, but it appears that there was a double digit growth in support of the President’s basic approach after he spoke to the joint session of Congress.  He also told the truth …Read More

Barry, unfortunately President Obama squandered a prime-time audience and a Congressional address to do very little to move the ball forward regarding efforts to reform our health care system.    President Obama is losing support with the American people on …Read More

Barry, there’s been an important development in the long-standing legal battle to protect the rights of pro-life pharmacists in Illinois.   The circuit court sitting in Springfield, Ill. has issued a preliminary injunction in the case of two pharmacy owners, …Read More

I should begin by noting that I hate beauty pageants. Judging women, in whole or in large part, by appearances is a sexist and anachronistic affront to an entire gender. I must admit, however, that the latest wrinkle in the …Read More