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The much anticipated hearings for Judge Sonia Sotomayor commence before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Barry, I am hopeful the Senators will ask the tough questions about her view of the Constitution and her judicial philosophy.


The Senate has a constitutional role in providing advice and consent for nominees and it’s only appropriate that the Senators ask the in-depth questions about Judge Sotomayor’s view of the Constitution and her judicial philosophy.

There are serious questions about her judicial philosophy and I expect pertinent questions to be raised by members of the Committee – including Senators Jeff Sessions of Alabama and John Cornyn of Texas. 


What does Judge Sotomayor believe is the proper role of judges?  How does she view her role as a judge?  These are important questions that deserve straight-forward answers.  A Supreme Court appointment is the lasting legacy of a President.  And, as President Obama moves to reshape the federal judiciary, it’s critical that the American people understand the judicial philosophy and temperament of Judge Sotomayor. 


Let’s not forget the scope and intensity of questions posed to President Bush’s Supreme Court nominees – John Roberts and Samuel Alito.  The questioning of Judge Sotomayor must be direct, focused and in-depth.  The nominee must answer the questions clearly and without reservation.  The American people deserve nothing less.


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