Of course, Jay, the treatment of religious and political dissidents in Iran is contrary to civilized standards of justice.  It is fine that President Obama has publicly rejected any “apology” for his condemnation of the government.  It is appropriate that Iranian diplomats have been “uninvited” to Fourth of July celebrations at US embassies around the world.  But now what?

I am always bemused by conservatives who howl in outrage but then never actually tell us what we should do. I trust you are not in favor of a pre-emptive strike against Iran.  So, then, what measures do you recommend, specifically?

It is also curious that some conservatives have completely lost all recall of the United States involvement with the Shah, unpopular in Iran but propped up by US conduct. Nor do they remember the embarrassing fiascos of U.S. “creation” of other nation’s “leaders” (exemplified so well in this parody).

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