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Barry, I really don’t understand what you are talking about.  Much of what President Obama is being criticized for revolves around substantive issues – not style.  And, it’s hardly “nitpicking” as you suggest.  A lot of troubling developments have occurred in the Obama Administration’s First 100 Days.


Let’s just take a look at his record on the issue of life.  As I chronicled in an earlier post, President Obama is on the fast-track to becoming one of the most pro-abortion president’s in recent memory.  From the very start, he set a disappointing tone that’s put this country on a path that will result in more abortions and less protection for the unborn.

Just days after taking the oath of office, he immediately signed an Executive Order repealing what’s become known as the “Mexico City” policy.  His action repealed a policy that correctly barred the use of federal funds by non-governmental agencies abroad for abortion counseling and abortions. 


President Obama also signed another Executive Order – this one lifting many restrictions on embryonic stem cell research that were put in place under Bush Administration.  That move has triggered legislative activity in some states, where lawmakers are moving to enact legislation to protect embryonic stem cells.


And, the Obama Administration is poised to rescind the regulations known as the “Conscience Clause” – which ensure that physicians and medical personnel are not required to violate their conscience by being forced to participate in abortions.


And, while we’re on the topic, let’s take a look at one of the most important appointees in the Department of Justice – the Office of Legal Counsel.  President Obama nominated Dawn Johnsen, the former Legal Director for NARAL and one of the most outspoken abortion advocates in the nation.  In fact, Johnsen authored legal briefs suggesting that limitations to abortion were somehow in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment, which outlaws slavery.  Sen. Arlen Specter says Republicans might filibuster the nomination. 


But, Barry, let’s return to the most recent controversy – The Department of Homeland Security’s inclusion of abortion opponents in the agency’s definition of “rightwing extremism” – labeling pro-life supporters – as well as veterans and those who oppose immigration – as a dangerous threat in the latest domestic terrorism warning.   Not only is this absurd and outrageous, it is also another example of the Obama Administration flexing its pro-abortion muscle. 


It’s now been revealed that even the civil liberty experts inside the DHS raised objections to the warning, flagging the troubling language.  But did DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano take the department’s own internal legal advice and remove the troubling label?  No.


Come on, Barry, let’s not gloss this over.  There’s plenty of ‘substance’ behind The First 100 Days of the Obama Administration.  Unfortunately, for many Christians and conservatives, it’s the kind of ‘substance’ we could do without.


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