Jay, I can’t believe you have gotten roped into complaining about the Department of Homeland Security’s recent assessment of potential terrorist threats from right-wing groups. You are joining Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and “columnist” Michelle Malkin in making a mountain out of a molehill.  In fact, this is an instance when the molehill is a warning any responsible person would want to know about lest they ignore a possible infestation of vermin in and from their own front yard.

Janet Napolitano issued a report last week which noted, among other things, that “right-wing extremists may be gaining new recruits by playing on their fears about several emergent isssues”.  Two of those issues are abortion and immigration.  The report simply points out that the election of Barack Obama has led to anger among fringe characters about the direction of the country.  I should note that the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented the growth of activity around really extreme Web sites which feed off hatred against African-Americans.

Of course, the report doesn’t say that all right-of-center groups
that oppose abortion, religious or secular, should be targeted for
surveillance.  I would be outraged by that myself.  However, all the
acts of domestic terrorism in the past twenty five years that Americans
remember, like attacks on abortion providers
by Eric Rudolph and the Oklahoma City federal building bombing by

Timothy McVeigh were in fact conducted by right-wing ideologues. 
Should we just give all right-wingers a “pass” so that we don’t risk
being “politically incorrect” about ultra-conservative sensitivities?

The Department of Homeland Security owes the American people
information that can make us safe and secure.  It has to call the plays
as it sees them.  Earlier this year, as pointed out by Media Matters, the Department also warned about left-of-center groups that might become engaged in domestic cyber-terrorism. 

Where was the Perkins-Malkin-Sekulow outrage then?

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