Barry, what’s with the White House when it comes to the Fairness Doctrine?

First, silence from the White House on whether President Obama supports a return to this troubling regulatory measure.  White House spokesman Robert Gibbs repeatedly has refused to answer questions on the topic at daily briefings.  Then, last weekend, Presidential advisor David Axelrod says he can’t really comment on that issue – it’s something for the President and the new FCC Commissioner to discuss.  Then, yesterday, a statement from a White House spokesman saying President Obama “does not believe the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated.”

OK, I’m encouraged by this latest chapter in how the White House is handling this important First Amendment issue.  But why hasn’t the President himself said something about this issue?  He knows that millions of Americans see this as a dangerous and unconstitutional attempt to muzzle free speech.  Why won’t he address this himself?  At a news conference, on the road, somewhere, anywhere?

Come on, Barry, President Obama calls out Rush Limbaugh by name and says he’ll sit down with Sean Hannity to have a beer – why not a few words from the President himself on his views on regulating – or not regulating – speech on the radio?

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