Lynn v. Sekulow
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Well, Jay, the Supreme Court got it partially right yesterday by conceding the obvious: that when a city accepts any monument from a private party and puts it up as a permanent display in a park, that represents “government speech.” …Read More

Barry, the Supreme Court today reached the proper conclusion in a case we argued in November.  Without dissent, the Justices issued what I believe is a landmark decision clearing the way for governments to accept permanent monuments of its choosing …Read More

So, the Supreme Court has accepted the case of Salazar v. Buono involving cross erected on public land. The first and foremost point which we must not lose sight of in this case is that this cross was a religious symbol …Read More

OK, Barry, it took a while – more than a few posts – but I am pleased you finally articulated your opposition to bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. I only hope you can agree with me on this one. The …Read More

Jay, in spite of your best efforts to create the Fairness Doctrine as a huge issue, you have failed.  The White House did not “break” any silence.  It just reiterated what President Obama had said when he was “candidate” Obama: …Read More

Barry, what’s with the White House when it comes to the Fairness Doctrine? First, silence from the White House on whether President Obama supports a return to this troubling regulatory measure.  White House spokesman Robert Gibbs repeatedly has refused to …Read More

Jay, I know that my good friend Bill Press did get 2 United States Senators (that would be, out of 100) to say they’d consider a return of the Fairness Doctrine.  Some liberal commentators wish he hadn’t even asked. However, …Read More

Barry, it’s impossible to ignore the ongoing discussion and renewed calls from members of Congress to bring back the Fairness Doctrine or what many are saying will be legislation that will go by a different name. 

Jay, you may be the only person in America who is shocked (yes,shocked) that President Obama is making good on campaign promises. During thecampaign, Obama was open about his pro-choice views on abortion. He vowed tooverturn the regressive (and frankly …Read More

Barry, I don’t think anyone really has a clue on how President Obama plans to move forward with his faith-based efforts.  I am not sure the even the President knows at this point.