Lynn v. Sekulow

Barry, you’re right about the volume of election predictions.  Everyone has a prediction and while your pre-election analysis is interesting, the fact is that anything can happen in this election.


There is one thing that you don’t need a crystal ball for in this election – that is the voter turnout that is expected. Unless everyone is wrong, which is possible, there will be a record number of voters going to the polls to elect a president as well as members of Congress.  And, yes, the constitutional amendments in play in many states will result in a surge of voters, too.


There are reports that the McCain-Obama presidential contest will spur the highest turnout in a century – nearly 65% of the eligible voters expected to participate – exceeding the percentage from 1908. 


I don’t make predictions about elections, but I do know that the projected record voter turnout is already underway – there are reports from around the country of long lines at many polling places.  The voter turnout projections are causing some to predict an ‘election meltdown.’  One news organization reported that “substantial fear remains that polling places won’t be able to stand up to millions of voters” that are expected to show up at the polls.  


Here’s what I do know.  This election comes at a time when this country faces incredible challenges. Certainly there are economic problems that need to be solved, but there’s also a myriad of social concerns facing voters.  Barry, you cited the ballot initiatives in several states to codify marriage as an institution between one man, one woman.


And, as we have both cited in previous postings, the next president likely will shape the federal judiciary – especially the Supreme Court – for years to come. 


Yes, there’s a lot at stake in this election, and no matter where you stand on the issues – or the candidates – get to the polls and exercise your constitutional right to vote.  And once you’ve done that, take a moment to participate in the Beliefnet Exit Poll.


You’ll have an opportunity to answer a few key questions like:  Did you support John McCain or Barack Obama? What issues were more important? Did your faith help shape your vote?


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