Lynn v. Sekulow
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Barry, you are right on target.  It is certainly up to President-elect Obama and his wife to make the best decision possible for the education of their two daughters.  This is a private, family matter. But, as we both know, …Read More

According to the Washington Post, President-elect Obama has decided to send his two daughters to the Sidwell Friends School.  This is a wise decision.  Earlier in the week both the Post and syndicated columnist Cal Thomas had editorialized that he …Read More

Barry, the reason that you had “many moments of doubt” during the argument is that the Pleasant Grove City v. Summum case is about the meaning of a different provision of the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law . …Read More

Jay, I must say publicly what I told you privately after the oral argument in the Pleasant Grove City v. Summum argument.  You did a very fine job.  You also know, though, that I believe it was a great job …Read More

It was an hour of spirited, lively debate before the Supreme Court.  And, now that oral arguments have concluded and the case is in the hands of the Justices, I am hopeful that the Supreme Court will determine that the …Read More

Your latest post on Summum should make it clear to lawyers and non-lawyers alike that this case was, is and should forever be seem as a case about whether the government can prefer some religions over others and promote their …Read More

Barry, as you note, the Summum group did not bring an Establishment Clause challenge in this case.  In this First Amendment case, we believe the Supreme Court is faced with an easy choice:  preserve sound precedent involving the well-established distinction …Read More

Pleasant Grove City, Utah, has a website.  It also has a park.  In that park is a monument containing the Ten Commandments.  Some years back, a religious group called Summum asked to put up its own monument in the same …Read More

President-Elect Obama is rapidly moving to get up to speed on the many issues he is facing.  It’s clear that the economy, which was by far the key issue in the election, is also front-and-center in this post-election/pre-inauguration window.  And, …Read More

Before I suggest that readers take a look at a more detailed post-election document, I wanted to note something about your last post.  If prayer is to be taken seriously, we have to know what the praying is for.  I’m …Read More