Lynn v. Sekulow

I’m not a big fan of the Drudge Report, Jay, but Drudge and
company nailed it last night as it posted its response to the second
Presidential debate in big bold letters: BORING.  Let’s face it though, plenty of things in life are dull and
boring. However,  I’d take last
night’s event one step further: INSULTING.  I found both candidates incredibly condescending to the

Do Senators Obama and McCain not realize that Americans are
hurting right now?  Vague promises,
whether about spending on infrastructure or rooting out cronyism don’t give us
the sense that in a time of world economic turmoil, occurring this minute,
either candidate understands root causes or specific steps to take.  It is not like there aren’t economists
out there with ideas.  Could the
Senators not take a few hours with a few world class economists instead of with
their spin doctors to learn how they might proceed to talk to us over the next

Last night we heard brief actual responses to questioners
segue into the same canned mini-speeches heard in the last debate and daily at
campaign stops.  We deserve more
than that.

 Of course, no discussion of any constitutional issues we
talk about regularly; to say nothing of no suggestions on Supreme Court
nominees (although even considering naming Warren Buffett the new Treasury
Secretary was one of the few specifics we heard.)

 One final point. You and I have had hundreds of exchanges in
newspapers, on radio and television. 
We see the world in ways so different sometimes I think we are literally
viewing different planets.  But I
can’t imagine one of us using a dismissive phrase like “that one” (McCain
describing his colleague Obama) as we snarl out an answer. It is too bad that
the only memorable moment was an insult.

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