Lynn v. Sekulow
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Barry, as you know, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit issued an important ruling earlier this week on the constitutionality of prayer before legislative bodies.   In Cobb County, Georgia, a few local taxpayers challenged the County …Read More

Jay, I know you would like to seethe tax code provision barring endorsement of candidates by non-profitsrepealed.  We have a big difference ofopinion about that.              However, I do not see why you believe thatunder the current law the …Read More

Barry, the examples you cited show precisely why the IRS gag rule should be repealed. When the IRS investigates pro-life churches who speak out in defense of the unborn during the election season, it has a chilling effect on other …Read More

For the past two years I have been telling my liberal friends, Jay, that the Religious Right is not dead; it is not even sleeping.  I’ve also been alerting them to the fact that the so-called “new evangelicals” may have …Read More

As noted in my last post, if that school assignment was to draw anything you want (and that’s the end of the story), then you were right to intervene.  I would have done the same if her mother had called …Read More

Barry, I never said that the use of a pro-Obama textbook violates anyone’s First Amendment rights, but it does illustrate the importance of parents reviewing their child’s textbooks, getting involved in electing school board members, and being active at school …Read More

Jay, you are mixing apples and oranges.  Let’s start with the story of the pro-Obama textbook.  Although I must admit I generally treat anything reported in WorldNetDaily like I used to treat the stories of Bat Boy in the now …Read More

These are very interesting times.  Especially when it comes to what’s taking place in our public schools.  Barry, I don’t know if you’ve seen the news reports about the controversy in Wisconsin where school officials approved the use of a textbook …Read More

The third Presidential debate did provide another example of the candidates’ views on abortion, but both candidates were unconvincing in their responses to Bob Schieffer’s questions on the matter. On whether a potential nominee’s views on Roe would be a …Read More

Barry, to address your critique of a McCain supporter’s prayer: people of all faiths are entitled to pray as they see fit. There is nothing wrong with wanting our government leaders, who make decisions that have a profound impact on …Read More