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Barry, I am sympathetic with the frustration felt by many pastors who try to fully articulate their religious worldviews during the election season while having to censor themselves due to the IRS gag rule. As I have stated before, I …Read More

Well, about 35 pastors, most with the aid of the Alliance Defense Fund, have issued a challenge to the Internal Revenue Service’s statutory authority to prohibit preachers from endorsing or opposing candidates from the pulpit using church resources.  For example, …Read More

Barry, we both agree that our constitutional tradition continues to recognize the freedom to speak from the pulpit about the moral issues of the day. We obviously disagree, however, on whether “Big Brother” government surveillance, investigation, and punishment of churches …Read More

To hear some people tell it, this Sunday is one of the most important days in the history of the American church.  This is the day when the church pulpits of America will be freed from the bondage of the …Read More

Jay, you are half right in discussing the reception (I’m not sure why you characterized it as a “celebration”) to be given by 25 significant religious groups for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  He is, of course, a revolting figure in …Read More

In an inexplicable move, some religious organizations will host a dinner reception on September 25 for one of the world’s most renowned terrorist supporters, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He has been asked to speak on the topic, “Has Not One …Read More

Jay, I know you were at the annual Religion Newswriters Conference the other day and may have seen first-hand pollster John Green‘s startling-to-some news that after all the hyped up effort by Democratic Party officials to go after evangelicals, evangelicals …Read More

Barry, you can stop waiting for answers. It looks like you are just trying to put the worst-possible spin on the Values Voters Summit to detract from the serious issues of importance to evangelicals that were considered there.   I …Read More

I’ve been getting more information in about last weekend’s “Values Voters” confab in Washington, the place where the “Obama Waffles” booth was located.  Speaker Star Parker referred to public schools as “cesspools” and claimed that taxing the rich was a …Read More

There is a belief, widely shared in the Obama camp, that there is a plethora of voters out there who are dying to vote for a Democrat if they can just be convinced that he or she is truly religious.  …Read More