Lynn v. Sekulow

Bloggers are now discussing the infamous “cone of silence” problem from Saddleback’s Saturday forum. Rick Warren claims that he didn’t know that Senator McCain was not even at the church, much less in a hermetically sealed room, at the time the debate began.  Although this is an indication of the “amateur night” planning of the event it does not prove that McCain or his staff was listening to the interview with Barack Obama.  It would be helpful, however, for the McCain campaign to issue a detailed chronology of who the Senator was speaking with for all the time he was NOT in the “cone of silence”–and what was being discussed.  This would be a far better approach than having the McCain campaign say that it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that a former POW would not play by the rules (which has been their response for most of the day).  Jay, what do you say?

Also, later tonight I’ll start a post about a very important California Supreme Court decision that draws the right line between religious freedom claims and good medical practice.
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