Lynn v. Sekulow

I am watching the Saddleback Presidential Forum. Sen. Obama is currently being questioned by Rick Warren. Rick just framed the Supreme Court question in a very interesting way. Rather than the typical “Who is your favorite Justice?” question, Rick asked Sen. Obama “which sitting Supreme Court Justice would you have not nominated?” I liked the question, but Sen. Obama’s response concerns me. He stated that he would not have nominated Justice Thomas. Nothing surprising at his response if it was based on judicial philosophy. However, Sen. Obama in essence said that Clarence Thomas was not intellectually ready for the position. I thought that was a cheap shot. Sen. Obama also said that he would not have  nominated Justice Scalia, even though he is smart enough (contrasting that with Clarence Thomas). John Roberts  was clearly smart enough, although he voted against him.
I thought that Sen. Obama’s answer on international religious freedom was excellent, as was Rick’s question.
Frankly, I think Rick Warren has done an excellent job at posing questions. Sen. Obama answered the questions directly, whether you like his answers or not.
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