Lynn v. Sekulow

Sorry, Jay, we are going to have to look for agreements elsewhere.  I think the only justifiable “conscience” exemption is for that physician directly performing the surgical or other medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy.  Your language effectively gives an exemption to everybody from the nurse who might assist to the person in the accounting department who bills for the procedure.  I know you don’t agree with the reasoning or conclusion of the decision in Roe v. Wade.  However, it acknowledged (not “created”) that the right to choose abortion is a constitutionally protected right.  It is already impossible to obtain an abortion in about 90% of the counties in this country because medical staff have been frightened out of doing procedures because of the threats of some in the so-called “Religious Right”.  As several persons commenting on your last posting have indicated, the breadth of your proposed “exemptions” from the requirement of making your “business” available to anyone in the public is staggering. It will restrict the moral choices of many in the 10% of counties where abortion is available. This we must not do.

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