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As I mentioned previously, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, signed a proclamation which declared a week in October 2007 as “Christian Heritage Week” in Alaska. Governor Palin’s acknowledgment of our nation’s history and heritage is welcomed …Read More

As some posters have already relayed to you, if this ticket doesn’t deliver the conservative evangelical vote it is hard to imagine what would. You are certainly accurately describing her “Christian Heritage Week” resolution as a “real controversy”. As you …Read More

Sen. John McCain is announcing that he has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential Running Mate. Gov. Palin is now the second female vice-presidential candidate to represent one of the major parties.   Social conservatives are pleased …Read More

Over the years I’ve been asked to help prep politicians for debates.  I’ve never worked for one, so I’m always the outsider coming in.  I usually watch the politician’s staff ask softball questions (even when they think they are hard …Read More

I’m glad to see that we can agree that Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito upheld First Amendment rights against overzealous regulation of political speech. In my view, however, the IRS restrictions on candidate endorsement are another example of “over-regulation …Read More

OK, this had to happen sometime in the first few weeks.  I have to concede a point to you, Jay.Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito did defend the First Amendment free speech claims of a non-profit in the Wisconsin Right …Read More

Rejecting the idea of a “living Constitution” simply means that a Justice will respect the authority allotted to the legislative and executive branches (and the state governments) by the actual language of the Constitution and will not create new “rights” …Read More

Jay, I am looking for change in the Supreme Court.  At least, I am looking for change away from the ideological beliefs of members like Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito.  These men seem to think their function is to …Read More

Senator Obama’s selection of Senator Joe Biden of Delaware will, undoubtedly, represent a sharp contrast with Senator McCain and his running mate.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the issue of the direction of the Supreme Court of the …Read More

First, let me assure every reader that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and every other party can do anything they want or nothing at all to formally recognize the religious in their midst.  Second, let me assure you …Read More