The truths we uncover through self-study gradually strip away all of our false self-conceptions, those mistaken ideas and beliefs about ourselves that have kept us in a war within the world of our own conditioned thought. Clearly, we can’t advance on the inner path if we believe our thoughts can and must determine for us where that path will take us. The beginning of the real path starts when we see there is no path where we always sought it in our own minds. This knowledge is revealed to us through self-study. The Truth wants to guide us, but it can’t do so when we have layer upon layer of misconceptions in the way, blocking out that still small, but higher, voice. That’s why the purpose of self-study is not to build what our own thoughts tell us is right for us, but to detect and reject everything that’s wrong.

Self-study truly is the royal road to the higher self, bringing with it many thrilling discoveries, moments of joy, and new energy and enthusiasm for life. But arriving at these higher experiences takes consistent effort in the face of setbacks, confusion, and even at times what feels like real loss. However, be assured, nothing real can ever be lost any more than the light of the sun can be outshone by the moon. There is an order to all things, and self-study is the light that reveals all shadowy selves for what they are. Here is the hidden meaning behind the ancient idea of letting the light fight for you. Let it.

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