Our present understanding of love is that anytime our partner fails to please us, it means that he or she doesn’t love us – at least, not as we imagine they should. Then what happens to our love? It turns cold in less than a heartbeat! But higher love cannot be turned upside down and turn into its opposite, anymore than a ray of light can be made into a shadow. Even when someone seems to be deliberately doing all he can to provoke a negative response, real love never punishes. Love never fails…to love.

There should be little doubt that the limit of our present understanding about the true nature of love is not the same as the limit of its possibility; and if we even suspect this is true then it should lead us to ask ourselves the following question: how do we rise above this unseen limitation in our relationships, and where do we get started?

The good news is there’s nothing we have “to do” in order to deepen the love we share with our partner; we only need to see that this higher order of love has always been within us, “hidden in plain sight.”

Love is always present whenever, and wherever opposing forces meet. It is never farther away than your willingness to remember it in the midst of whatever that trial by fire may be. This means that everything depends on what you choose to put first in these moments, because in the end, when it comes to painful relationship patterns, there really are only two choices:

We can either take the path of least resistance, and become the unwitting instrument of a familiar pain that will reincarnate both itself and the pattern within which it breeds its discontent, or we wake up and follow this new path all the way to its higher possibilities.


holding hands, sunset

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