Letting Go with Guy Finley

Have you noticed – for the most part anyway – that when we’re with family or friends almost everyone has a complaint to share; how something or someone in their life just isn’t “right,” or has done them wrong.

I don’t know about your experience, but I’d wager the following: if we put our complaints on one side of the “scale of life” and, on the other side placed our gratitude for its gifts, the scale would be well-tilted toward the negative side!

For most of us, it seems natural to not want much of what life gives us, which is the point of this short piece: If God is Good and he wouldn’t give a “stone” to any child who asks for bread…then how can anything the Divine dispenses into our life be a weight that drags us down? Could it be there’s more to the idea of our “Daily Bread” than meets the eye?

I’ll leave it to you, but for me the “Bread” of life is anything that nourishes and helps us grow our love for God.  Such Bread is not only good in every sense of the Word, but it is literally baked into every moment of our life…including those we want to reject. How can this be true?

Think about it: haven’t the real turning points in life – those that made us wiser, more compassionate people – been those that, if we could have, we would have avoided at all costs? And yet, hasn’t it been these same moments that transformed us in the most profound way?

If we see the truth of this revelation, the secret Good hidden in the “bad”…then perhaps we can learn to be grateful for every thing – and I mean every moment that God gives to us.

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