Letting Go with Guy Finley
June 2018 Archives

One reason why so many people can be found rushing down the road to nowhere is because it costs nothing to get there.

A life in the presence of God, safe forever, costs us nothing except to see that our life spent in selfish pursuits costs us everything. *** Learn to see your attention as a form of “currency”… for it’s not just […]

A flower in the process of blooming doesn’t go looking for what it needs to fulfill the purpose of its existence; the very presence of its beckoning petals and delicate fragrance attracts to it all it requires… with no extra […]

Until we learn how to look upon adversity in life as being our secret benefactor, then all that we identify with — as good fortune — must, in time, assume the role of being our antagonist; for nothing in this […]

Question: You’ve spoken of how we use imagination to project negative outcomes to life situations. But sometimes things happen and there actually is a bad outcome to deal with. Maybe our loved one is very ill, or a child has […]

As long as it’s possible to learn, you need never feel tied down by any past defeat in your life. Here’s the real fact: nothing can prevent the inwardly self-educating man or woman from succeeding in life. And here’s why: […]

Whether to aspire or to despair, that is the question and which of these seeds flowers all depends upon which one you choose to grow.

In this world that you and I live in, response is request. We can slightly enlarge this idea by restating it this way: The way you respond to life is also a request you make to it. See how the […]

Question: I’m afraid I will be swallowed up by a recent loss of mine. I feel so alone, so in the dark. What can I do about these tormenting thoughts that are telling me, “It just isn’t worth it!”? Answer: […]

Yours is the power to put the fear of the future behind you, but only as you are willing to see that unless you do the interior work to awaken now, your past awaits you just ahead.