Letting Go with Guy Finley

Dare to see and experience yourself as you are without giving names to what presents itself before your watchful inner eyes. Allow the meaning of whatever states you see coming up in you to reveal their actual make-up to you, without interrupting their upwelling by explaining to yourself why you see what you see there in you. Have no intention toward these thoughts and feelings other than to be open to them and, in doing so, to permit them their uninterrupted passage through you. Why open up to life in this way? For one thing, this gives negative states the back door they need to depart.

In stressful moments, listen to what life is trying to tell you about you instead of searching anxiously for familiar answers to push on to life to make it feel “right” again. All fearful, doubt-filled moments are secret reflections of what we have yet to understand about life and ourselves, not life’s rejection of us or our wish for happiness. Learn what it means to go quiet whenever there is a riot in you. Don’t take part in the search for power to repair what you fear is coming (psychologically) undone. This stillness born of conscious self-sacrifice invites the Extraordinary to enter, answer, and heal all aches.