Letting Go with Guy Finley

Looking closely at ourselves, an honest self-appraisal reveals that no one strong, authoritative voice is giving us direction. Instead, many disparate voices vie for power. The cause of the resulting confusion and unhappiness lies in all those self-centered, touchy parts of us that insist, one after the other, that the world conform to their demands. It’s a cacophony of voices inside, each one screaming for attention; each one oblivious to the others and to reality itself; each one insisting that it is who we really are. As we are whipsawed from one self to another, the decisions of one may no longer be matched by the desires of another. Something in us watches it all in despair, knowing there is nothing in control. We vow to work harder so that one day we can fulfill our goal of becoming a person with a steady, complete nature. But then, before we know it, we’re caught up in yet another battle for some illusive prize and forget all our good intentions.

Is there any way to win back our lives?

Is it possible for the right parts within us to prevail? Can one strong, right voice overwhelm all the others?

Yes! It is possible to find that right authority within. The transformation occurs naturally when we first see our situation fully, and then wish to remove ourselves from it above all else.

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