Letting Go with Guy Finley

Occasionally comes a question from someone who has made enough interior progress to feel the disconcerting contrast between the gravity of this world, and the pull of the worlds above, and within.

The concern is wanting to honor the Higher impulse — to dedicate oneself to the work of perfecting one’s relationship with the Divine — and yet legitimate householder duties seem as limitations to one taking the needed steps back Home.

On one hand, one is in the world, has a mate, a business, home, family; many demands that are attended to by hosts of worries, and (proper) concerns over “how to” provide what one must in a world that is increasingly uncertain in every way.

On the other hand, one sees, understands that this is not the real world, but a reflection of higher possibilities… to which one wants to return and enter, to be perfectly still, seeing everything, being nothing… yet completely full.

What’s to be done?

Be patient. Be watchful. Do what is in your power, refuse to do what is not. Everything has a season, including the phases of our life on earth. When it’s time to plant… plant. But watch, and remember from where comes all seeds. When it’s time to harvest… harvest. But watch and remember from where comes all fruits. So that your activities in the world are always attended to by the part of you that already lives in the realms above that never pass.

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