Letting Go with Guy Finley

Life will fill whatever you empty—and whatever you fill, life will empty. That’s the code—the higher understanding required for spiritual contentment all wrapped in mystery and filled with bittersweet contradiction.

It’s all been spelled out once you learn to see. There’s no sense in trying to save yourself by holding out. Besides, nothing you’ve managed to hold on to has yet filled that hole in your soul, has it? So, why fight the wind when you can join it?

Be as you’re made to be: like a reed—hollow but whole. It’s not just easier, it’s much more profitable. Then let the winds change their direction; it won’t matter anymore which course they take because the more they play you, the more you get to play.

When you’re wide open, everything blows your way. After all, nothing can shatter emptiness or steal its peace.

Offer yourself to the wind—and then jump in!

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