Letting Go with Guy Finley

Our lives are the experience (or the reflection) of whatever presence we may share… and this holds true for all of our moments. We are primarily, first and foremost, creatures of consciousness. What does this mean?

Our real — but still hidden — life is an expression and extension of eternal forces, even though we are presently well grounded in the sensual, physical life. As such, we remain bound in this realm’s limited and unconscious circle of relationships. But we need not remain unwilling captives of this lower order. We may choose higher.

Our as yet realized heritage is that we may choose, through higher self-awareness coupled with conscious discernment, what order of presence we wish to share, what presence we agree to allow within us. Think what this discovery means to us.

It is our choice whether to dwell within the temporary or the permanent — whether we run with the stream that pours itself into the desert and disappears, or dwell within the ocean that feeds all such passing pools. We are empowered to choose whether to give ourselves over to what hurts us, or to what heals us.

In short, we may practice the presence of those states of being that are, in themselves, the secret source of our suffering, or we may work to practice, consciously, the presence of what is inherently filled with Light — those elevated states associated with the Divine.

The key here is that everything depends upon our intention and where we place our attention — within how willing we are to be aware of the relationship between where our attention is, and what we are experiencing in the moment as a result of its placement.

The unattended mind, by the very nature of thought, dwells in one unseen relationship after another with whatever presence permeates this unconscious accord. In this order of inner condition, all kinds of sensations pour in, providing powerful stimulation, even as our possibility for Real Life pours out.

When we work to remember ourselves, to practice first the presence of the present moment (by being awake to all of its offerings), and therein to hold our attention upon what we know is Good, or Godly — in this same moment we share the presence of what is True, Light-filled, and Love-bestowing.

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