Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: I feel completely drained of my own energy at the end of the day. Is there a way to deliver God’s limitless energy and love to people so that I can stay energized in the interaction instead of drained?

Answer: You’re delivering the wrong message… and you’re not the delivery person. Trying to be something or someone is an illusion. To support an illusion takes not only tremendous energy from you, but you actually drain the people that you’re trying to help. Real life does not drain you! True spiritual work will produce a tiredness in you, but you will not feel drained as you have described here. Stay awake. Forget energized. Forget drained. Stay awake. Let the moment reveal to you what is concealed from you by parts of you making an effort to be what you imagine you’re intended to be. Do that much and you’ll see everything that you need to see, and you’ll begin to change your relationship with people in these situations.

Question: You have spoken about not bringing anything into the moment with you in an interaction with someone… leaving that space empty. How do I stay awake enough to be able to do that?

Answer: It’s a piece of cake to be with somebody who’s giving you birthday cake, right? If you like me, and you’ve brought me something, and you’re smiling, I’m with you. But the truth is, even then I’m not “with” you. I’m with a feeling that I’m getting. To be awake means to work at this: I will be with you by agreeing to live with what is brought up in me by being with you.

Every human being is an individualized expression of the Divine. And, as an individualized expression of the Divine, we are each an individual pool of energies coalesced into a physical expression. But the pool of energies that you are (and the pool of energies that I am) are not different energies. They’re just pooled differently.

The bringing together to be with you is to allow the discovery, the actual realization, that we are brought together to enter into a bigger pool — to recognize a nature that isn’t limited to the individualized form, but rather that is a shared consciousness that changes only because it’s being shared. To be with you is to share what you are right now.

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