Letting Go with Guy Finley

In all the worlds above and below there is but One Balance.

This perfect equipoise is not God Himself, but the expression of His Life in the uncreated form of three forces unified.

Balance is that indefinable third force where what pushes and what pulls are neither one nor the other, but a force transformed into a wholly new potential. This fully alive, ever active Supreme Stasis is the hidden nature of Great Nature, and it is timeless relative to the kingdom it forms and animates.

All the mansions in the Kingdom of Heaven dwell in this third Place of Perfect Potency and through its poetry of unified forces.

The awakened person knows this Place of places in himself … as himself — even as he wanders through the myriad worlds of the now-active, now-passive opposites.

To touch even the hem of this Truth is to touch something of Eternal Life and this, in turn, is to be touched by the Light that is Perfect Peace.