Letting Go with Guy Finley

Humility is the crowning of the soul. Much as a wildflower blooms after the touch of summer sun, only the heart opened to humility can be transfigured into an instrument of love. And this love born of true humility is conceived in only one way: through a single selfless act.

It all happens each time a daring soul says I do to that divine question asked of everyone in the darkness of an unwanted moment:

Will you accept the truth about yourself that my light has come to reveal to you? Because if you will say “I do”—and bring me into your life—I will bring you into mine at the same time.

And when our spirit has become as one, you will never again fear, fight with, or stand in judgment of anything you see. This is the gift of humility: to know, without taking thought, that whatever you are given to see by my light is now and always has been a part of your immortal Self.

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