Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: After listening to what you teach, I get the sense that longing, desire, and imagining takes one out of the present moment and Presence. Is this correct? If I choose to bring a mate and prosperity into my life, it is

out of a longing and desire. I hear other human growth potential leaders say it is necessary to first visualize all this taking place. Please clarify for me.

Answer: Your intuition is “spot on” here about the nature of unconscious desire as it creates imagined times to come where one will finally be complete. In truth, the wishes of the heart are not meant to be reduced into reflections the mind then makes subjective in order to know what to run after. God, Truth, already knows what our highest and truest needs are, and never fails to deliver what we really need… if we will only learn to “wait on Him.”

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