We all have those moments when life rears up, when it seems certain that we’re about to be trampled by forces greater than ourselves! But regardless of how you may feel in the face of any given challenge, you may rest assured of the following fact: you are created to outgrow any temporary limitation this challenge serves to reveal to you about yourself … no matter how difficult the task may seem to be.

Yes, you may be unprepared at its outset, just as each year a bare tree can’t know in advance the weight of a heavy winter snowfall until its branches bend and maybe even break beneath it. But no tree is its limbs, and neither are you made less for what you can’t do or carry when first challenged by something that seems too great for you to handle.

Learn to trust the following spiritual fact by daring to prove it to yourself as many times as it takes until you are free of fear: whatever may be your present weakness, it is only temporary—providing you’re willing to persist, to wade into what seems greater than you are, and then test this truth time and time again.

The unimaginable reward of persisting through whatever stands in your way is the eventual and inevitable discovery that you are created to change.


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