There is one essential reason why there is so much constant heartache and war on this earth, and why conflict has continued as it has down through the ages. The answer may surprise you. We do not understand the nature of our own pain—our suffering. Billions of us live with almost no understanding of how much hurt lies hidden in our hearts and minds; in this case, ignorance is not bliss.

In fact, most of us carry, buried in the depths of ourselves, untold amounts of unconscious woe. Regardless of our religion, skin color, social position, or cultural conditioning, psychological pain plays no favorites; we all pay the price of the ensuing blame game.

From battles with family and friends, all the way up to world conflict, wars persist because the pain that drives this great divide between us is not understood; in the end, it is the ignorance of this pain that manifests war. So, even though it isn’t exactly a popular study, we must examine our suffering. It is a law: what remains concealed can never be healed. Only true self-knowledge can bring an end to our tears, whatever their nature. In the end, the only way out of any “rain of pain” is to wake up and walk away from the self-ignorance from out of which it pours.

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