Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: I have had moments of spiritual awakening. Yet, these moments seem to fade all too quickly. When such moments arise, I have a new depth of clarity and silence. Are there any specific lessons to apply during these moments to help anchor myself there?

Answer: Nothing is more priceless than those moments when we suddenly are able to see that the world that we took as being everything was only a small part of a greater something. Suddenly, we realize we indeed dwell within ourselves within a much larger world than we could have hoped existed. When these awakenings come, it seems natural to want to hang onto them, but consider the following: In a certain sense, that moment of Light came unannounced. Its presence awakened you to itself and all that it revealed. Now “you” want to be the one who possesses this Light and who can call upon it at will. This “you” is what is standing between you and the Light, and as difficult as it is to do, you must work at letting go of every wish you have to return to any moment once glimpsed.

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