Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: Recently I have been seeing some things about myself that are both startling and surprising. For instance, how silly it seems (now) to think that I could possibly know what is greater than myself without that same greatness inviting me to first be a witness to my own (unseen) limitations. In the great mystery that seems to surround my wish to awaken to myself, it is seeing these same (self-imposed) limitations that I realize the need and the will to transcend myself. It feels like such moments are invitations to give myself up, surrender the same self that is so sure it “knows.” Seems as though I’m headed towards a new “me” but I have no idea who this is or will be?

Answer: Yes, all that you are seeing is as it should be; as best you are able, have no concern for those periods of confusion that must appear between a glimpse of truth and that truths work in and upon you. We are intended (through the work of truth within us) to awaken to and realize a whole new order of individuality, one in which our deference will be to live in and from the larger body (of Christ)…the Great Individual. And this growing awareness (of one’s true self) serves to fuel in us a growing indifference to who and what we have been…with all of its unconscious (and ultimately self-serving) ambition. In a way, it’s a reversal of polarity; the first becomes last, and the last, first. Our one great responsibility in all of this is to remain willing to see what is true, and then do what is asked of us as a result; and we are not to judge the outcome of these actions, for we cannot know what awaits. Instead, we must hold to what we have seen and intuit as being true…that God is good. The more we love this goodness, the more we see its all-encompassing, uncompromised Individuality, the more we will be willing to act in a singular way to embody this same Good. God takes care of the rest.

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