Have you ever had this experience? You’re faced with so many things that have to be done in a timely manner that it overwhelms you . . . so all you do is nothing! Well, that is, almost nothing.
You do manage to:
1. Worry yourself sick about how you’ll get everything done.
2. Eat or snack until you feel drowsy.
3. Take several naps hoping to awaken inspired.
4. Reorganize your papers and desk drawers as part of your plan of attack.
5. Worry about all of the time you know you’ve wasted making plans and reorganizing your desk.

If you’re tired of finding yourself exhausted — even before you’re able to start working on some line of tasks assembled before you — the insights and prescribed actions to follow will lend just the help you need to succeed in handling a hundred pressing jobs; all while enjoying that inner calm and confidence that comes with knowing — not only are you doing all that can be done — but you’re doing it in the best possible manner… [to be continued]

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