Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: What can I do with all the energy I feel surging through me when life does not go my way? Can you illustrate what it means to “bear the moment”?

Answer: Yes. The energy you’re describing, the onslaught of stressful thoughts and feelings, are all the product of parts of us that look at an unwanted moment and say basically, “That isn’t right.” Now normally that kind of reaction makes sense to us. But we can see better. In this instance, what we’re really doing in those unwanted moments is looking at reality and saying, “I don’t want you to be what you are,” which is like saying to a mountain, “I want you to be a lake.” It doesn’t work. But it does work up inside of us a whole host of energies whose principle basis is resistance.

So here we are full of resistance and doing all we can to rid ourselves of that energy by blaming or trying to control what has happened. Instead, from now on, the way to use these energies is to WANT what has happened. How do you do that? By seeing that any other action on your part is already doomed not only to fall and fail, but to repeat itself each time a similar circumstance takes place.

In other words, and we’ve all heard this, but now we’re learning the truth behind it: Let go and let God. What we resist in the moment is the expression of His presence as presented in the very moment that we resist. If we see the truth of this, we will bear what we must within us because we know it is the right and true thing to do. The more we do it, the clearer we see it. The clearer we see it, the more faith we have in the fulfillment of God’s promise that all is well.

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