Letting Go with Guy Finley

. . . No one finds the true upper way without true guidance. And yet, on the other hand, seemingly in direct opposition to all we have learned so far, there is this beautiful fact of life . . .

Within the lowly acorn resides the “plan” for the great oak tree it is destined to become; in a manner of speaking, one could say that the oak tree is the acorn realized, assuming it’s given the conditions it needs to succeed in fulfilling its plan. Which leads us to this highly encouraging fact as concerns life in all kingdoms, above and below: in every seed resides a living plan placed within it at the same moment of its creation.

This means that hidden in the center of you is the seed of self-realization—the possibility of discovering that who you really are is part of a divine plan.

If you can remember the first time you fell in love, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you didn’t run around asking others, “What’s the plan?” Love itself was your guide, and the actions she prescribed moment to moment flowed into and through you; they were provided by a love that wanted nothing more from you than your willingness to be its instrument. The rest was literally done for you, and there was never a question of how this love would turn out. No future fears clouded your original contentment; it was enough just to love and to be loved. That doesn’t mean there weren’t difficulties, but they were recognized as being a necessary part in the play of love perfecting itself.

Think of some great artist, any master you admire past or present, then consider, carefully, what it took for that individual to realize and then embody such an immense gift. Let me summarize the process of such perfection: love, sweat, sacrifice, revelation, and its enactment.

So, is there a plan for self-realization?

The answer is … yes and no. And it all depends on you.

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