Letting Go with Guy Finley

In one sense, the interior journey that leads to the immortal Self is demanding and difficult, even seemingly impossible at times; and yet, as paradoxical as it seems, there is nothing intrinsically hard about rising above ourselves and slipping into the stream of our own celestial possibilities. After all, how hard is it to let go of a favorite pair of shoes that no longer fit or a sweater worn so thin that it no longer stops even the slightest breeze? These things, beloved as they may have been, have outlived their purpose.

The realization of the immortal Self is inseparable from seeing that who and what we have been in the past—our flattering self-images, treasured ideas, and most prized opinions—no longer serve us. And how do we know when the time has come to drop the very things that once defined our lives? When we see that holding on to them causes suffering.

Much as a great hot air balloon rises into the open skies the moment its restraining tether is cut, so does the aspirant begin his or her ascent into the everlasting life in much the same way. One action: letting go. Two results: we leave one world—one level of self—behind us and, in the same moment, rise into a higher order of our own consciousness.

Growing into the worlds above us—realizing the higher realms of consciousness within us—requires that we outgrow the worlds beneath us.


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