Letting Go with Guy Finley

In order to nurture our own awakening, we must first see the need to let go of those parts of us that we sense no longer serve us. This new kind of self-awareness is the interior “seed state” needed to outgrow and transcend our former level of self. But these seeds of higher self-knowledge must, in turn, become new actions if they are to awaken us to our immortal Self.

Consider the following four separate instructions that follow as a single seed and the course of action needed for the flowering of a whole new you. Let them guide you to an incorruptible consciousness that is as timeless as the greater good from which it comes.

Remember yourself: Be as present as possible within yourself—to the whole of yourself—at all times.

Receive and accept whatever is revealed as the gift that it is: There is no such thing as a bad fact for those who seek spiritual freedom.

Release yourself: Refuse to judge, justify, blame, or console yourself.

Endure yourself: Never forget the following: There are two kinds of suffering. One is born of not wanting to see or be what life reveals about your present nature. This is useless, unconscious suffering; it serves only to reincarnate a level of self that always rejects unwanted revelations about itself. The other kind of suffering is the conscious sacrifice of this nature. It is our agreement to let go of who and what we have been in order to make way for the birth of a new and timeless order of being.

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