Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: I know I have a confused and divided mind, so how can I get it into self-wholeness?

Answer: Just as an electric fan cannot sort papers on a desk, giving them order, neither can the whirling mind produce Peace. To see the truth of this causes a kind of “self-disconnect,” and at once things become more orderly. Then, from this new clarity comes the next steps in inviting the wholeness you seek.

Question: How can we then see with more clarity? Do we always need crisis to give us clarity or are we meant to be limited in certain ways?

Answer: Clarity is not an effect of something, but is its original state. Clouded minds want to clear themselves, which is impossible. We need to see where confusion dominates our life and then stop doing the will of those parts of us involved in this secret form of self-punishment. Then clarity reveals itself in unlimited measures relative to our capacity to receive such wholeness.

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