Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: In my job I must deal daily with several emotionally dark coworkers. What can I do to handle this situation better, besides getting another job?

Answer: I know that it is difficult to be surrounded by toxic people; however, as difficult as this is to understand, your present work circumstance is perfect for your continuing development, if you understand how to use it. I say “how to use it” because as long as you don’t, wherever you go, you will continue to encounter “hateful” people, and your own negative reaction will use you up. Try this: Determine that when you walk in the door, your attention will remain with your reactions to these people and not on the people themselves. This shift in your attention will help you realize what it is you really need to be free of… namely, “you”! And “need” is the key word in this instance. You’ll see, if you’ll practice this approach, that it is just “you” jumping all over “you.” Once this is clear, then you can jump out of “you.”

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