Letting Go with Guy Finley

You know what the most outstanding feature of a human being is? Whatever he or she wants to be in relationship with, they can be united to. It is the greatest gift. No other creature has this. Even the angels themselves don’t have it. If I want to really know something… if I want to know a tree, I can learn so much about it. I can spend my time with it. I can give my attention to it so thoroughly, that there will be a time in which there is no longer a distinction between my sense of self and my understanding of that tree — so thoroughly will this awareness of my intention unite me with that through the field of Love.

It is possible for us to become one with whatever we give our love to. And in the end, everything is intended for us to learn what it means to give our love to Love, to God, to the Divine. Because in that, then there is a completed cycle, and when the circle is whole, then there is no longer a distinction between ourselves and that which we love. And what could be better than that?

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