Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: I have been doing great at ridding myself of false purpose, but can’t yet seem to find my real purpose. The careers I might be interested in are all out of my reach. Any comment?

Answer: Be patient and keep your purpose true and always before you. The rest will appear naturally.

Question: I have several lifelong interests but am in no position to take up these simple interests due to lack of money. Does this mean it is false purpose? I have been patient for many years. This seems REALLY unfair and confusing.

Answer: Nothing that we do in life is done without a corresponding cost. This is a Law. What we waste in one place (even though we think we might be gaining something) always causes a loss for us in another place. On the other hand, the love of something is literally an undeniable force. If you must be patient with present circumstances that exist due to a past waste on your part, then wait patiently. Do not waste what you have thinking about what is unfair. Use your energy to remember what you love. Love will take care of the rest.

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