Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: When quieting my mind, there is sometimes a feeling of peace and clarity in the present moment, but often there is this gloomy, dark feeling of emptiness, together with a sense of fear about the future making me feel very vulnerable. Why this inconsistency?

Answer: Anything that darkens your day in any way not only has no right to define you, but it is your God-given right to deny it any entrance into you. It cannot be said in words the darkness that has entrance into this world and into sleeping human beings. This is why our work to be awake and to invite the Light is crucial.

One of the small pieces of higher knowledge that we need when we set out on the path of Truth is that not all of us wants to make this journey. Within us dwell certain energetic bodies that are only comfortable in a dark and divided world. When we become quiet and invite the Light into us by which to see ourselves and this life, its entrance sets off this level of self. Watch it like you watch everything else, and let go of anything it brings up in you.

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