Letting Go with Guy Finley

Whenever a negative state comes to you, try to see yourself in that state through the intelligence of the following idea as opposed to seeing it through the ignorance that the state produces in you: All negative states are an indication of something in you that is out of balance.

When “you” rise up to do something about the negative state, the self that rises to do battle with that dragon is a creation of the dragon. It is your attempt to balance it. You must not try to balance the negative state; it doesn’t belong to you. It captures “you” by striking your past experiences, pains, and negative centers that are set in motion when it comes in.

Your sincere spiritual intention to see this truth about negative states will invite celestial intercession on your behalf. God will show you whether you’re doing the right thing or not. You’ll be purified by your own sincere intention. You’ll begin to discover, little by little, that these negative states that you call yours did not begin with you, and left alone, they will pass through you and find their own completion.

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